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Number 4, Swan with a stuck beak in jar or Scarlet Letter A?

Number 4, Swan w/a Stuck beak, or Scarlet Letter A?

A wise woman once told me, “It is not your business what other people think of you.  Leave them with their own thoughts. It will drive you crazy trying to keep up especially with the negative ones!”  Is that really true? Should we ignore the way others perceive us?

I believed her. I believed that perceptions did not matter and lived impervious to any/or most of them.  Then I learned a few years ago – the wise woman spoke partial truth. Perceptions can only be ignored to the extent that it does not affect one’s work, one’s social life, or one’s thought processes.  The latter being the most dangerous (hence my reason for blogging about it;)

I am now truly convinced that many live/lead a double life – the true self (shared with family, friends and significant others) and the existing or survival self (political-fit-in-and-do-what-is-necessary-to-achieve-the-next-level-goal). In my naivety, I thought that the true self was all one needed. It should overflow into one’s career – I absolutely love what I do and care a great deal for my patients’ well being. My job is easy, because my compassion flows from seeing everyone I encounter as a family member or a friend! So I try to care equally for all.


It is now your move...

Now, I am being faced with political drama and tap dance recital that has very little to do with patient care.  I am certain that many face this dilemma – from the school room to the board room, from managers at  a grocery store to managers at Fortune 500 companies – the mambo is being performed everywhere! Why you ask? Because of the desire to be perceived favorably, for the next promotion, the next award, the next…the next…

Life is short and precious – should it be wasted on all the “next” factors?  One must draw a line in the sand…somewhere…yes? I resolve in 2012 to believe the wise woman … once again. And If I fail to ignore perceptions…then I surely will imprison it!

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