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4 JUL 2012

FREEDOM – what does that mean to you? The definition of freedom differs depending on who you ask.  It depends on the person’s age, race, financial status, life paths and/or prevailing interest at that particular time; Freedom of Speech, Political Freedom, Economic Freedom, Freedom of Religious Practice, Freedom of Press…or as the Generation X and Y would say, “Freedom to be ME!”

The meaning of 4th JUL/ Independence day for the “new age” includes; a day off from work (for most), great sales, BBQ and family cook out, fireworks, going to the movies, inconveniences (bank closures, no mail, trash not picked up) etc., Many have forgotten what the forefathers sacrificed for us, what we were “freed” from, why so many want to live here (including myself, an immigrant), and reasons why we are so strongly disliked by other nations.

Are we, as Americans…becoming Complacent about our history? About our freedom? About our liberties? What about you? What do you know about the true meaning of Independence day celebrated on 4 Jul? What have you passed on…

Share the story … lest we forget!

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