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From the Physician’s Encounters

Today I had the luxury of leaving work early, and of course, errands such as taking my car in for service was at the top of the list.  While I wait on my car, I struck up a “harmless” conversation with another customer. Her hair was natural and combed quite nicely – so I complimented her (I tend to give those out freely…it does the recipient good…try it!)

Liver in the Body

She told me the healthy appearance of her hair and skin was secondary to colon cleansing and especially liver cleansing. I listened patiently. She picked up on my Caribbean accent and so my “roots” of exposure to complimentary medicine/holistic medicine was assumed. No problem. So I listened as she described the outcome of this intense Liver Cleansing.  Then I asked, “how does that work? What is the physiology behind cleansing the Liver? The Colon is easy to understand…it’s like a cleaning out a hose. But the liver?

Solid Organ

Normal Appearing Human Liver

Isn’t it a solid organ?”  She did not have an answer for me. She did not know I was a physician.

There are so many, what I like to call, “loose information” out in our society. What do you think? Do you believe the Liver can be “cleansed” like the Colon?  



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