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Breast Cancer Diagnosis is never easy. Hearing the “C” word changes everything! Treatment information can be mind boggling, to say the least. Empowerment through knowledge and advocacy is what Legacy Educators is all about! Here is a short review on what’s in the news!

Lumpectomy (should be followed by Radiation Therapy)

Lumpectomy (should be followed by Radiation Therapy)

Randomized clinical trials  have demonstrated equal survival for breast conserving therapy (BCT) and Mastectomy. BCT = Lumpectomy and Radiation Therapy (click here to learn about Radiation Therapy). In the Lumpectomy surgical procedure, only the area with cancer plus a margin is removed from the breast, but in Mastectomy, the entire breast is removed (see illustrations to the left).

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In this recently published study, information was obtained from 112, 153 women diagnosed with stage I or II (early stage) breast cancer from 1990 to 2004 in California, USA. These patients were treated with either Mastectomy or Breast Conservation Therapy (Lumpectomy plus Radiation Therapy). The study concluded that, “Among patients with early stage breast cancer, BCT was associated with improved Disease Specific Survival. The data provided confidence that BCT remains an effective alternative to mastectomy for early stage Breast Cancer regardless of age or Hormone receptor status.”  taken from Cancer Journal – “Survival after Lumpectomy and Mastectomy for early stage invasive breast cancer” – Cancer, E. Hwang et al., first published online 28 JAN 2013.



Mastectomy – removal of the entire breast

Mastectomy is increasing at a rate of 2% per year because many think this offers the best chance of cure. However, in Early stage Breast Cancer, Mastectomy is actually does not offer a better chance of a cure when compared to BCT! Many studies have shown equivalent outcome of Mastectomy vs Breast Conservation Therapy/Treatment (BCT). Some patients may opt for Mastectomy because of strong family history of Breast/Ovarian Cancer or unwillingness for continued screening. You have a choice – discuss both options of Mastectomy AND Breast conservations (BCT) with your Doctor!

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Select Your Most Used Area

Select Your Most Used Area

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MIGRAINE! We hear about that diagnosis quite often and you or someone you know may be affected by Migraine Headaches. Migraines can sometimes be very debilitating, affecting your daily activities, and may even lead to a missed day at school or work! So what exactly the cause of a Migraine Headache? Is just a really a “bad headache”?   Let us do a quick review!

There are 36 million Americans who suffer from Migraine Headaches! It is most common in the age range of 30-60yo, and it is 3 times more common in Women than in Men.  A recent published article linked Migraine with Aura in women, to increase frequency of heart attack!  (link below) This is quite alarming for many and questions keep pouring in!

MIGRAINE: No one really knows what happens in the brain to cause a migraine, but for those who suffer from it, it is an undeniable painful fact that it does exist and the experience is very real – a personal testimony if you will! (Does that sound familiar? Hhhmm). Common definitions are –

  • A recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision.
  • An extremely painful headache which frequently occurs after a sensory warning, such as see change in smell, sensitivity to light, tingling in the limbs, etc.,
  • Migraine is an inherited neurological disorder that is characterized by over excitability of specific areas of the brain.

How do you know if you might have migraine headaches? Visit the American Migraine Foundation (click here) and find out!

Read the recent Fox News Article! Click Here

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JANUARY is Cervical Cancer Screening Month

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No one should have to die from Cervical Cancer in the United States!  Yet young African American and Hispanic women remain in the forefront of Cervical Cancer diagnosis and tend to present with advance disease. Early detection, equals early treatment and possible cure for this otherwise debilitating Cancer.

HPV-Associated Cervical Cancer Rates by Race and Ethnicity


((The graph above shows age-adjusted incidence rates for cervical cancer in the United States during 2004–2008. “AI/AN” means American Indian/Alaska Native, This graph was adapted from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Human papillomavirus–associated cancers—United States, 2004–2008. MMWR 2012;61(15):258–261.))

Cervical Cancer is located on the lower part of the Uterus, called the cervix, the area that opens into the vagina. Like other Cancers, it occurs when abnormal cells on the cervix grow out of control (Click here for video on “What is Cancer?”)

Cervix goodMost Cervical Cancer is caused by a virus call Human Papillomavirus (HPV) that is caught by sexual contact. However, there are many types of HPV and not all of them causes Cancer, some causes genital warts, while others causes no symptoms. You can have HPV for many years and not know it.  This is the reason the HPV testing was debated so heavily for teenagers who are sexually active…

It is VERY important to have annual Pap Tests, as this can find early changes in the cells lining the cervix before they turn into Cancer. Ask your daughter, your mother, your wife, your girlfriend … any young women in your life, “Did you get your pap test this year?”  Early cervical cell changes usually does not cause any symptoms. However, if it has progress to Cancer you may experience pain  or bleeding during sex, vaginal discharge tinged with blood (not associated with menstrual cycle), or bleeding and pain when applying a diaphragm to the cervix.

A pap test should be performed every year (unless otherwise directed by your Gynecologist or primary Care physician).  Have you had your screening?

You may visit the following sites for more information on Cervical Cancer




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Sunday is my “quiet” day. I try to step away from the “busyness” that so easily encompass me during the work week. It is a day to connect to God, my family and friends … any most importantly myself.

Isaac Asimov

The Father of Robotics

So, as I am relaxing and browsing through the Tele  … I came across a show titled, “The Prophets of Science Fiction.”   Am I Nerdy, yes. Science fiction buff, not quite. The content was not what I expected. The discussion surrounds Mr. Isaac Asimov and his ideas of integrating robots into everyday life. The program discussed the current use of Robots in the setting of patients with Stroke, Alzheimers and young children with different forms of Autism. The use of robots for “baby sitting” and other “assistive living” is now being considered and actively researched in universities in the United States and around the world.

Look around. Robots are slowly integrating with everyday life. The comforts that we currently enjoy did not exist 200 years ago. This Christmas I helped baked a cake with a simple kitchen robot that did the heavy “mixing” making the process simpler and quicker. Think of the robots that are saving lives – Battlefield robots, SWAT robots … Physician robots (?)… some may argue, that some physicians can be cold and almost robotic as is … so what’s the big difference? Ouch!

In the Operating Room with Robot Assist

In the Operating Room with Robot Assist

The Robot “Spine Assist” performs at a high level by using a guidance system for safe placement of each screw during spine surgery. Given that mere millimeters separate vertebrae from the spinal cord (spinal cord if cut/damaged can lead to paralysis) accuracy is of optimal importance.  The Spine Assist moves and work with the Surgeons. It allows them to be more accurate and more efficient.  Robotic Assist is also used in many other types of surgery (gall bladder, prostate, appendix, etc.,) with great outcome, less complication and decrease hospital stay.  The number ONE fail safe in All procedure with AI (robots) is the Surgeon.  So, yes! The Surgeon still actually performs the surgery.

Watch Robotic Prostate Removal Surgery HERE (click).

However, the program poignantly points out that much, much more is being held back secondary to FEAR. The Fear of Robots going awry and becoming self aware and ultimately controlling humans.  There are many such Hollywood movies, one of my favorite is The Matrix…

It is idealized that Robots would never hurt human beings. To this end, (Isaac) Asimov 3 laws, were established;

  1. The robot may not injure a human, or be used to injure another human.
  2. Robots must obey orders given, unless that conflicts law #1
  3. Robots will let no harm come to itself (self preservation) unless it conflicts law #1 and #2

Can Artificial Intelligence/Robots replace you at work? Even the Job of being a stay-at-home-Mom is being targeted …

My Grandmother is 87 yo and have witnessed an explosion of technology. Where do you see us in 50 more years?

To answer Oprah Winfrey’s Question: What do you know for a fact? I know that God is in control…

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From the Physician’s Desk … wishing you the BEST of health in 2013!

The new year is here … and all “New Year Resolutions” are now in effect. I try to keep mine simple … and hopefully achievable!   I never cease to encourage myself ! Less Stress and The Serenity Prayer … The Dynamic Duo!


serenityprayer peg


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