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FEBRUARY is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

TeensI must apologetically admit, teen dating violence was not on my radar. Teen Violence … Yes. Teen DATING Violence … No. I really never gave it much thought being inundated with my career of caring for those affected by Cancer … but this too is a real problem for our youths. I encourage others to step out of their career scope or area of interest and become more involved with the things that affect our children…our future!

One in 10 teens reported being physically abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend in the last year. That number can be safely doubled for the “unreported” cases, and quadrupled for the other types of abuse – emotional, verbal, mental, etc., This generation is neck deep in Violence. Watched the news lately?   I truly believe that the foundational problem is a generational lack for the value of life…the respect of life.

teen parenttalkIf you have a teen in your life – child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend – Ask about his/her dating relationships (remember, males are not always the “abuser” … teen boys are abused too!).  If it is a difficult discussion for you, then share this link ( http://healthfinder.gov/nho/FebruaryToolkit2.aspx ). Our future is at risk on so many fronts and from so many angle. Pray for our children constantly…they are our future.

Click below to watch NBC video on Teen Dating Violence

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Recently, I was visiting with a friend. I had a headache and asked for an Over The Counter (OTC) Medication. Several medications were provided – Motrin, Tylenol, Excedrin – a mini-OTC Pharmacy! However, ALL but one of them were EXPIRED! I was asked,

” Is it safe to take these medications? They are still good, right?”

“No. I think 2-5 years is too long time…giggles. I usually go by the expiration dates. Some medications can be taken beyond the dates, but I have no idea which ones … so I just stick to the expiration dates.”

Chuckling, I think of some of my “brave” friends who still drink milk after the expiration dates…Hhhmmm. The unbelievers…*smile*

Which got me thinking Hhhmmm … are these dates truly legitimate? I know Insulin, Nitroglycerin and certain other LIFE SAVING medication should not be taken after the expiration date as their efficacy cannot be guaranteed!

Click on you tube video below for more information

Take note: the bathroom may not be the best place to keep medication since it is HOT/STEAMY most of the time! A cool, dry place is key.

What are your thoughts?

From Your Friendly, Family Doc…Doc C!

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Empowerment Through Knowledge and Advocacy!

There is an Obesity Epidemic in America! There is cause for concern when televised program shows a 4year old boy weighing 101 pounds and a 12 year old girl weighing 325 pounds! Our future is at risk because our children are at risk. Many of these children will have increase advance stage diabetes, heart disease and increase risk of being on dialysis by their late to early 40’s.

Click on image below to watch youtube video

Unfortunately, many adults do not understand the concept of “healthy eating” and to make the transition even more difficult, “healthy eating” is associated with “tasteless, bland, boring” foods. This ofcourse is not true! But it is just as difficult for some to try and decrease portion size and eat healthier, as it is for someone to quit smoking … but it can be  done and have been done!

Click on image below to watch youtube video

As I browse through Oncology journals, several headlines are prevalent;

“Overweight gastric cancer patients experienced more post-surgical complications” – Bickenbach KA.  Ann Surg Oncol  2012;doi:10. 1245/s10434-012-2653-3

“Physical activity reduced risk for proximal, distal colon cancer” – Boyle T J Natl Cancer Inst. 2012; doi:10.1093/jnci/djs354

“Obesity increases surgery time, cost in patients with Lung Cancer” – St. Julian JB. Ann Thorac Surg. 2012; doi:10.1016/jathoracsur.2012.08.006

However, it is not uncommon for folks from my homeland to retort, “You need to have some fat on your bones!” … but how much meat/fat is detrimental to your health and well being?

National Cancer Institute on Obesity and Cancer Riskclick here!


Where are you on the Weight Scale/Body Mass Index (BMI)?

You can make a change! Let’s start with 2 simple steps … decreasing portion size and…well, basic exercise such as walking or  water aerobics!

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From: Your Family Friendly Doc!

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From the Physician’s Deskhttp://www.LegacyEducators.com

WorldToday is World Cancer Day – 4 FEB 2013 – a world wide  awareness event.  2013 is focused on Dispelling the Myths and Misconception about Caner. The American Institute for Cancer Research, recently published an article titled, “New Estimates: Americans Can Prevent ~400,000 Cancers Annually.” How is that possible? Yes, the usual recommendations – sensible healthy meals, physical activity, and weight management. Add the lifestyle change of smoking cessation, and the number of preventable cancers can be even higher.

I had the Blessed opportunity to appear on the Tom Joyner Morning Show last year and answered a few questions regarding existing myths about Cancer. Listen and Read questions – click here!

CAUTION: I always give the disclaimer and warning of numbers … they can be misleading! I have many patients who are near Marathon athletes – eat well, exercise often, and fantastic weight management to boot – and yet they are diagnosed with Cancer. I definitely do not have all the answer! I do not know “why” things like that happens. However, I firmly believe that God is in control and I have a long, long list of,  “God, I do not understand! Why….**insert thought provoking question here***??”   This is one of them…

Read The American Institute for Cancer Research article … click here!

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