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Why is there such an obsession over good health? Even more so over aging or getting old? I do not have the answer or formula, as there is a billion dollar anti-aging industry searching for that as well. What I do know, is that aging gracefully is quite possible for everyone – Love Yourself, Love Others, Be Kind, Be Grateful, Stay Active, Laugh a lot and LIVE for the moment…that is a GREAT start and canvas quite a bit!

Example:  To quit smoking is a part of loving and being kind to oneself…and by so doing improve one’s health!

It is not just to live longer either, but to enjoy a better, healthy life NOW, that will also be beneficial much later… to have something to look back at…when you are 80, 90, or 102 yo! Aging gracefully is … priceless! As Dr. Charles Stanley would say, “We reap what sow, more than we sow, and later than we sow.” …. sow wisely!

Stay Active!

Stay Active!

Staying Active: If dancing is not your thing, maybe daily walking after dinner, playing tennis, gardening, or anything else that is enjoyable and settles your mind – may do the trick. Don’t forget to exercise the brain too!

Laughing/smiling does the heart good! This video brought a smile to my face and lightens my heart…here’s hoping it does the same for you also!

Start practicing the “aging gracefully” process today…

102 yo DANCER… sees herself dancing for the FIRST time!


Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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