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I had the opportunity to meet one of my all time favorite singers…Pastor Wintley Phipps! It was AMAZING! It was a small reception, so listening to his “unfiltered” voice was even more incredible in person.

In addition to being an awesome soloist, Pastor Wintley Phipps is the founder and President of the US Dream Academy. The U.S. Dream Academy is helping our nation’s children reach for their dreams. Through academic, social, and values enrichment, they empower those children most at risk of incarceration to believe in themselves and to succeed. Many of these children have been left behind in their schoolwork and Pastor Phipps and this organization are making a difference! Visit their site at http://www.usdreamacademy.org and thanks in advance for your support of this very worthwhile project … for our children…for our future!

Never heard Pastor Phipps sing … listen in and enjoy!

Are you a singer?

Have you ever wonder what cause the difference in voices?

Do you know how the voice box works?

No problem…Watch the videos below to learn more.

Click Below to watch

Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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