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Recently, I was asked my opinion about RFID’s being implanted in children. RFID? Last time I thought about such technology, or using it, was for my Long Haired Daschund as a tracking device. I can understand proported benefit for children, for medicine…BUT, what else would it be tracking? RFID is already in use for ID cards (CAC cards for government workers), some drivers license, passport, etc.,

In the palm - RFID vs Grain of Rice - tiny!

In the palm – RFID vs Grain of Rice – tiny!

It would seem to me that implanting a Radio-Frequency Identification device in a human (essentially a GPS) has both positive and negative implications. Sure, having immediate access to a medical record in an emergency situation would be priceless. However, what about a bracelet or dog-tag instead? An implanted RFID microchip would shred the transparent curtain of perceived privacy.

Additionally, an implanted RFID has grave socioeconomic and religious implications. Hhhmmm. Read more about RFIDs HERE. Still thinking… but inclined to an immediate  & emphatic – “NO”…no thank you, please!

What are your thoughts? Would you consider placing a RFID microchip in your child or yourself?

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Technology continues to amaze me in leaps and bounds! Just when I thought there is nothing else to do with the Smart Phone – Dr. Eric Topol – proves me wrong and impresses everyone! Glucose Montoring, Heart Monitor, Lab test, ICU type evaluations, Ultrasound capabilities and much more all linked to your Smartphone? Wow! See video below…

Ofcourse, unfortunately, should this become main stream, many jobs will be lost … bummer!

Come with me to “Star Trek” in Medicine …

Click Image below and Watch Video – NBC Rock Center and Dr. Topol Inventions with the Smartphone

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Sunday is my “quiet” day. I try to step away from the “busyness” that so easily encompass me during the work week. It is a day to connect to God, my family and friends … any most importantly myself.

Isaac Asimov

The Father of Robotics

So, as I am relaxing and browsing through the Tele  … I came across a show titled, “The Prophets of Science Fiction.”   Am I Nerdy, yes. Science fiction buff, not quite. The content was not what I expected. The discussion surrounds Mr. Isaac Asimov and his ideas of integrating robots into everyday life. The program discussed the current use of Robots in the setting of patients with Stroke, Alzheimers and young children with different forms of Autism. The use of robots for “baby sitting” and other “assistive living” is now being considered and actively researched in universities in the United States and around the world.

Look around. Robots are slowly integrating with everyday life. The comforts that we currently enjoy did not exist 200 years ago. This Christmas I helped baked a cake with a simple kitchen robot that did the heavy “mixing” making the process simpler and quicker. Think of the robots that are saving lives – Battlefield robots, SWAT robots … Physician robots (?)… some may argue, that some physicians can be cold and almost robotic as is … so what’s the big difference? Ouch!

In the Operating Room with Robot Assist

In the Operating Room with Robot Assist

The Robot “Spine Assist” performs at a high level by using a guidance system for safe placement of each screw during spine surgery. Given that mere millimeters separate vertebrae from the spinal cord (spinal cord if cut/damaged can lead to paralysis) accuracy is of optimal importance.  The Spine Assist moves and work with the Surgeons. It allows them to be more accurate and more efficient.  Robotic Assist is also used in many other types of surgery (gall bladder, prostate, appendix, etc.,) with great outcome, less complication and decrease hospital stay.  The number ONE fail safe in All procedure with AI (robots) is the Surgeon.  So, yes! The Surgeon still actually performs the surgery.

Watch Robotic Prostate Removal Surgery HERE (click).

However, the program poignantly points out that much, much more is being held back secondary to FEAR. The Fear of Robots going awry and becoming self aware and ultimately controlling humans.  There are many such Hollywood movies, one of my favorite is The Matrix…

It is idealized that Robots would never hurt human beings. To this end, (Isaac) Asimov 3 laws, were established;

  1. The robot may not injure a human, or be used to injure another human.
  2. Robots must obey orders given, unless that conflicts law #1
  3. Robots will let no harm come to itself (self preservation) unless it conflicts law #1 and #2

Can Artificial Intelligence/Robots replace you at work? Even the Job of being a stay-at-home-Mom is being targeted …

My Grandmother is 87 yo and have witnessed an explosion of technology. Where do you see us in 50 more years?

To answer Oprah Winfrey’s Question: What do you know for a fact? I know that God is in control…

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