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As a physician, I take the Hippocratic Oath seriously – First Do No Harm.  So, without thinking about it, I sometime assume that it is automatic that patients will not harm themselves either. I am proven wrong time and time again….and it saddens my heart. I recently blogged about Robin William when he unfortunately committed suicide…he was loved by many and I am a great admirer of his work.

A recent headline caught my attention, “29-year-old Newlywed with Brain Cancer, Brittany Maynard, writes own obituary before taking her life on Sat.”  WHAT?? Did I read that correctly?  (read more HERE ) This brought more questions to the forefront that is suitable for “active debate/discussion?”

The Beautiful Brittany

The Beautiful Brittany


  • Is Robin William’s case of suicide any different from Brittany Maynard’s?
  • What lesson is there for our community from both cases?
  • Do parents discuss this kind of event with their children? Should they?
  • How does this affect children diagnosed with Cancer? (normal age for pediatric cancer is usually 2-21 – so conversely, if they are old enough to vote or drive or be independent from their parents by court, is there provision for such a decision if terminally ill also?)

I do not believe in suicide.  But as proven here … this is made a personal decision based on situation…and residence. On immediate survey of colleagues sitting close by at a conference, the responses were very diverse (great conversations…).

What I do believe in, is the frank discussion of life and death with everyone. Yes, everyone. Seize the opportunity when the gold fish dies, when the family dog dies, when grandparents dies…death is a part of life. As Mr. Anonymous states, “Being born is a death sentence. After birth, you are slowly dying…each…and every…day.”  Should a person  be able to choose how and when to die if terminally ill? The debate and controversy continues…

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”
― Mark Twain


Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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Your Family Friendly Doc … Dr McGann!  

See you next week…

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From the Physician’s Deskhttp://www.LegacyEducators.com

WorldToday is World Cancer Day – 4 FEB 2013 – a world wide  awareness event.  2013 is focused on Dispelling the Myths and Misconception about Caner. The American Institute for Cancer Research, recently published an article titled, “New Estimates: Americans Can Prevent ~400,000 Cancers Annually.” How is that possible? Yes, the usual recommendations – sensible healthy meals, physical activity, and weight management. Add the lifestyle change of smoking cessation, and the number of preventable cancers can be even higher.

I had the Blessed opportunity to appear on the Tom Joyner Morning Show last year and answered a few questions regarding existing myths about Cancer. Listen and Read questions – click here!

CAUTION: I always give the disclaimer and warning of numbers … they can be misleading! I have many patients who are near Marathon athletes – eat well, exercise often, and fantastic weight management to boot – and yet they are diagnosed with Cancer. I definitely do not have all the answer! I do not know “why” things like that happens. However, I firmly believe that God is in control and I have a long, long list of,  “God, I do not understand! Why….**insert thought provoking question here***??”   This is one of them…

Read The American Institute for Cancer Research article … click here!

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From the Physician’s Desk …

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, OCT 2012 comes to an end. This month was filled with meaning to so many … the color Pink resonate deeply for most during this time. But why was Pink chosen? Why not Yellow or Orange? What is the meaning of Pink?

The color pink, created by combining white and red, is the color most often associated with femininity and baby girls. “In the pink” is a phrase that means Feeling Good and Doing Well. Shakespeare used the word pink to describe a feeling as well.

The color pink represents Compassion, Nurturing and Love, as well as Self-Worth, Tenderness, Caring and Acceptance.  These are traits that our world can use – male, female, old, young, black or white … and all ethnicities in between.

People exposed to the color pink exhibit Less Stress, Less Violence and Less Aggression…(YES please!) It is also one reason that some prisons make their inmates wear pink uniforms and live in pink cells. Do you know of a Prison in the USA that does this?

Pink flowers project Joy, Innocence and Youth. Pink carnations are a token of Gratitude. Giving pink roses is a gesture of Admiration and such arrangements represent Joy and Happiness.

For the “macho males” remember there are many shades of pink … there are several that will not threaten your masculinity.  Personally, I too dislike the “pepto bismol” pink.

PINK = Feeling Good, Doing Well, Compassion, Nurture, Love, Self-Worth, Tenderness, Caring, Acceptance, Innonence, Youth, Gratitude, Admiration, Joy and Happiness! Why limit Pink to just October?

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From the Physician’s Desk… 

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YES, YES, YES … males do get breast cancer too!  Male Breast Cancer accounts for a small percent of Breast Cancer Diagnosis.  I know pink is not the most “masculine” color but there are many shades of pink.

Gentlemen, if you notice a NEW lump on your “chest wall” that is only on one side, firm (feels like a frozen pea), any skin changes, nipple discharge, pain … get in to see your doctor! You do not have to experience ALL the symptoms – a new lump is

Male Breast Cancer Ribbon

suspicious, nipple discharge is unusual … even if you just started a new “work-out/Gym” plan, have someone check it out! Ladies – check out your husband and boyfriend. Sometime, they tend to ignore these things. If caught early, Breast Cancers in Male is very treatable Cancer!  See Cancer Questions below about Cancer in males …

Visit my website for FREE Cancer information www.LegacyEducators.comand watch anatomically correct , short (2-5min) videos about Cancer and its treatments!

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Thanks to all for your participation!

The response to the polls and correct answers are as follows;

1. Do you think our society is “overdoing it” with painting the town Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness?

A: It was UNANIMOUS that women are still dying from Breast Cancer and we still need all the help we can get! (Thanks everyone for your positivity and support!)

Cancer Ribbon Colors

Cancer Ribbon Colors

2. If someone is wearing Baby Blue or Black Ribbon, do you know which cancers they represent?

A: The correct answer is Prostate (Baby/light Blue) and Skin/Melanoma (Black Ribbon).  The leading answer in the poll was Colon and Prostate. See the chart for other common cancer ribbon colors.

3. Which of the following is the leading cause of Death in Women in the USA?

A: The Correct choice is Lung Cancer. Breast is the leading Cancer Diagnosis in Women, but not the leading cause of death. More people in USA died from Lung Cancer than any other type. This is true for both men and women. visit http://www.cdc.gov/cancer for more information

4. Which of the following is the leading Cancer Diagnosis in Women.

A: The correct and Unanimous choice is Breast! Good job!

I hope you found this poll fun and educational!  Visit our Free Cancer Education website http://www.LegacyEducators.com to watch brief anatomically correct videos about the basics of Cancer and other medical procedures…

Sponsored partially by a Grant from Eli Lilly, LLC!

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From the Physician Desk…

Pink Represent Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a Radiation Oncologist, I participate in Breast Cancer Care and I am actively involved in Educating the community at large about all types of Cancers.

I am known throughout different circles as the family friendly “Cancer Doc” so it is quite common for folks to randomly start a conversation about everything and anything Cancer. No problem mon;-) Most comments are positive, but then there are the “pickles” who think that there is too much pink/emphasis on Breast Cancer or that they are being ‘duped’ by all the marketing fanfare. Hhhmm. In a recent conversation, a female neighbor notes that,  “There are pink ribbons everywhere! Every time I purchase something, it mentions a donation to some Breast Cancer Research group. Are they truly getting all that money?  My friend says they have enough money now…so why should she donate any more? It seems like a scam.”

Startling assessment. I think we are FAR from doing enough or having enough in Breast Cancer research or any other Cancer Research for that matter…so much still needs to be accomplished. The truth is, as long as I continue to see patients for Cancer Treatments…there is more to be done. What do you think?

Respond Anonymously below and also test your knowledge on the additional 3 Poll Questions.

You may watch FREE short (2-5min) anatomically correct, video clips at www.LegacyEducators.com (the site is being revamped to allow FREE Access to ALL)

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From the Physician’s Heart

God is GREAT!

In My lifetime I hope to develop;

– Arms that are strong

– Hands that are gentle

– Ears that will listen

– Eyes that are kind

– A tongue that will speak softly

– A mind full of wisdom

– And a heart that understands

May all my Patients and all who I encounter in my life’s journey benefit from this pursuit…


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