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When I am traveling, I tend to read books (now reading the 4 Agreements), people watch and ofcourse, sleep. I love the obscurity and tend to dress very relaxed…incognito. * smile* On my recent travel, a beautiful baby girl, maybe about 10mths old,  stood up on the seat in front of me on the plane and gave me the biggest, warmest, uninhibited smile…I have ever received! I smiled right back admiring her innocence… and winked. This sat her off in the most gleeful, giggling, period of joy, accompanied with little bouncy hops of happiness. “How delightful!” I thought.  Her parents quickly sat her down …nodded apologetically in my direction and smiled. “No problem at all!” I said reassuringly.

Then I noticed. Both her parents were communicating … but … with sign language.  I chided my self. I never entered into the world of sign language before. They spoke most of the time on the plane…communicating with their young daughter via sign language also.

Neat. Cool. Interesting.

Living in a world of silence.  Can you imagine?

How about you…Have you ever interacted with a deaf person?

How the Ear Works. Click video below to watch

Do you know what to do and how to accommodate communicating with a deaf person without knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL)? I wanted to learn more … I never took care of a patient who was deaf. Hhhmm. Patients with Downs syndrome, mentally challenged, legally blind…among others…not deaf though. So now I have started on a new journey to learn more, and thought I would share with you. The wonders of blogging!

I advocate American Sign Language (ASL) as a language choice at all levels of education. Do you agree?

Please read more about the National Association of the Deaf  by clicking HERE  

I hope the videos below and brief introductory review on our deaf citizens will spike your interest  to learn more…and, dare communicate…maybe?

What is it like to be Deaf? Click below to watch

Ms. Deaf America – click below to watch 

Deaf in the Army – click below to watch


Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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