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There is Dedication and then there is this….??

It is getting really cold outside and I absolutely love it! Growing up in the Caribbean islands there are only 2 seasons – summer and hurricane season…giggles. However, for me, there is nothing like experiencing the 4 seasons…it always brings me wonder and joy! The beauty of autumn, the wonder in a snowflake, the life in spring…and the beautiful long days of summer!

Unfortunately, millions of people are usually depressed, disappointed, or in despair during the holiday season. Either because it reminds them of a loved ones’ death, seemingly having no love  in their lives, being lonely and/or alone, or due to seasonal depression.  Season Affect Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that is related to changes in seasons, usually in the winter. It is often referred to as “The Winter Blues” or “Seasonal Depression”. See video below to learn about treatment approaches for SAD.

SADSmile at someone today, give someone a hug if the opportunity arises (a friend, child, parents, etc.,). As my God-father told me…. “Camille, your smile is a blessing. You just don’t know, but your smile and warmth may be the only genuine greeting someone may see or have that day, or in weeks!”  Hard to believe ugh?! Sad, but you can help make a change…

There are some things that a tweet, text, Instagram or email cannot do (too impersonal). Break the media-only-relationship chain.  Make an effort to reach out to someone today, this month, or for the season. If you cannot be there in person, pick up the phone and give a call. You never know! You may be someone’s sunshine during a gloomy situation!

Sending Hugs and Sunshine your way!



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