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Recently, I was asked to speak on Health Care Disparities. No problem. As a “triple minority” I stand ready to assist in this area whenever called upon (triple = immigrant, black, female). However, the audience interest lies in the healthcare disparities as it relates to the disabled. Oh?! That is different. Truth be told, I really never thought of the disabled as a “diverse” population per say, or one with a different culture. Have you? I had the privilege of treating physically and mentally challenged patients for cancer, but had no difference in treatment (adjusted to minor requirements)….so, I did not take into account Healthcare Disparity for this minority group. Not blinded to the possibility…just not confronted with it.

disabled vet

Living above limitations!

Diversity at its roots simply means “differences”, and an attempt to understand and incorporate these difference in different facets of life, leads to “cultural awareness and/or cultural competency.” Of course, this should be applied to any place of business (for profit companies, not-for profit business, hospitals, etc.,)

Diversity, Health disparity and cultural awareness has a long history of association with under-served population, minorities, race, gender, religion, etc.,

Disabled diversityThere is a wide array of diversity among the disabled, as well as different types of disabilities, as well as different degrees of disabilities. There appears to be 3 main disability groupings: Genetics (be it from childhood or adulthood), Accident caused (civilians) and the Disabled Veterans. It was surprising to learn that many who are disabled do not necessarily identify with with each other (disabled), but may choose to identify with other parts of their culture.

We are forever grateful to our Veterans!

Disability Identity defined – “The population of people who experience disability is extraordinarily diverse and, therefore, the idea of a common disability identity isolates disability artificially from intersecting identities related to race, gender, and other axes of social significance” from Gill C, Cross W (2010). Disability Identity and Racial-Cultural Identity development: Points of Convergence, Divergence and Interplay. Rehabilitation Science and Practice

diversityThere is no simple relationship between race and disability, gender and disability, religion and disability, etc., So, what should a healthcare provider take into consideration when addressing the needs of a 30 year old, Hispanic female, left below the knee amputee, veteran? Is there a difference? Should there be a difference?

How do you relate to people with disabilities? Take a look at the videos below and see if any of the information rings true…for you.

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No excuses!

Disability Attitudes


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