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Advance DirectiveA difficult conversation is anything you find hard to talk about. It is challenging, because it is surrounded by a cloud of possible conflict, fear, anxiety, anger, depression, or frustration (among other emotions).

But, when having a difficult conversation with yourself, there is no blaming, no misunderstanding, just you and your thoughts. Tough.

Advance directive end-of-lifeFor 2015, I resolve to have a better handle on my finances. Though finance can be a difficult conversation in and of itself, I was caught off guard, when asked if I had a “Living Will and Advance Health Directive”…what? I have asked patients that question on many occasions, but never thought to ask myself. If the patient answered “no” then our wonderful nurse would take care of it and it becomes part of the “cloud”…  doctors are usually not involved.

I am young, healthy, why do I need a Living Will? Hhhmmm. The world is indeed unpredictable and having this information known and written will only serve to help love ones.  Things can happen…suddenly!

Do YOU have an Advance Directive?  

Advance direct dyingA Will Preparation Questionnaire was sent to me. Some of the questions were simple and straight forward, but others were downright brazen and difficult. I am still chewing on:

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated? (depends if natural death or otherwise – hhhmmm)
  • Which of your organs would you like to donate? Hhmmm. (Most organs seem ok…but I flinch whenever I think about my eyes)
  • Do you consent to an autopsy? Or do you leave that decision to your appointed love one/agent? (if foul play suspected, ok with autopsy…otherwise, unsure if necessary), etc.,

Thinking about death may be depressing…but we all know, that death is inevitable. When do you need an Advance Directive? If you are over 18 years old, the experts say you should think about it.

See videos below…think about it?


Advance Health Directives


Last Will and Testament



Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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Your Family Friendly Doc … Dr McGann!  

See you next week…

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From the Physician’s Desk … wishing you the BEST of health in 2013!

The new year is here … and all “New Year Resolutions” are now in effect. I try to keep mine simple … and hopefully achievable!   I never cease to encourage myself ! Less Stress and The Serenity Prayer … The Dynamic Duo!


serenityprayer peg


Your Family Friendly Doc!

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Alzheimer is painful.

Alzheimer is painful and frustrating for the patients.

Alzheimer is painful and saddens the heart of  family, friends and love ones … who watches … seemingly helpless on the sideline….

Memories of Love, Laughter, Accomplishments, Families and Friends – slowly, ever so slowly slipping away…

  1. First Kiss
  2. High School Graduation
  3. Falling in Love
  4. Wedding Day
  5. Birth of child(ren)
  6. First Recitals
  7. Sporting Events …. and a lifetime of Memories … going, going… soon to be forgotten…                                                                                                                                    … like grasping at the wind…

The pain of Alzheimer may not be literal, but it goes straight to the heart…


Alzheimer is the most common form of Dementia (a general term for memory loss serious enough to interfere with daily life). Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time. Alzheimer is not a normal part of aging, though age is a risk factor and is most common in people 65 and older. Up to 5% of people with the disease have early onset which often appears in 40-50’s.

Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer but medications are available that may help with symptoms. Researchers are actively looking for new treatments that will alter the course of the disease.

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s: http://www.alz.org/alzheimers_disease_10_signs_of_alzheimers.asp

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The Hills are capturing photographs of the wild life, while I learn a few tips from our Tracker, Scotch, in South Africa

This is the story of a young ambitious doctor, who after many years of isolation in the Academic trenches, decided to play “catch up” on her favorite hobby of Globe Trotting. Getting away from the hectic scene of the Washington DC Metro area was a welcomed and overdue break! She sought Adventure in South Africa and it was during the Safari (Tanda Tula, Kruger Park) that she kindled a new friendship.

No idea what I was thinking! Yes, I still have my hand:-)

The “Happy Hills” a dynamic couple, was on this very Safari in South Africa…just in time for a chance encounter. A conversation between the Globe Trotting Doc and the Happy Hills was inevitable and pleasant indeed – Mr. Hill is quite the comic! It was discovered, that they had traveled 8000 miles to meet ,when they live only 12miles apart – YUP, they are only 12 miles apart …Practically neighbors…Imagine that!


My Angel Next Door…8000 miles back in the USA!

You guessed it! Since then, we have met on several occasions to discuss life, family, business, and the Greatness of God on such divine encounter – we are still amazed!

No matter where you are – share a smile, be kind and engaging – for in doing so you never know when you may be entertaining ANGELS! I did … and I am so grateful, as I am the better for it having met the Hills!

This Thanksgiving, be specific and let someone know “personally” that you are GRATEFUL s/he is in your life! Mr & Mrs Hill, I am grateful you are a part of my life! Hugs…

Peace & Blessings!


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