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We all need shots (also called vaccinations or immunizations) to help protect us from serious diseases. To help keep our community safe, Legacy Health Educators is proudly participating in National Immunization Awareness Month. Are your shots up-to-date?

Shots can prevent serious diseases like the flu, measles, and pneumonia. It’s important to know which shots you need and when to get them.  Everyone age 6 months and older needs to get a flu vaccine every year. Other shots work best when they are given at certain ages.

  • Immunization2If you have a child age 6 or younger, find out which shots are needed  by clicking HERE
  • Find out what immunization shots teenagers and adults need by clicking HERE
  • If you are pregnant, this schedule HERE will provide added information to discuss with your doctor
  • Take a look at CDC 2015 recommendations by age and health condition HERE

Before accepting any shots, talk with your doctor about the health benefits for your family at all ages.

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Please note: If you are immuno-compromised, currently undergoing treatment for Cancer, or have certain health condition, immunizations may not be recommended.

Talk to your doctor or nurse to make sure that everyone in your family gets the shots they need.

Adult Immunizations: Benefits and Challenges



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