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Recently, a friend of mine had teeth extractions and when the bill was reviewed while waiting, there was an over-charge. The billing was done in anticipation of how many teeth would be removed, not after the procedure for the actual number removed. In one case, there was a charge for tooth #9, that was not even there (yes, in this procedure they charged per tooth…strange).

It caused me to wonder, how many patients actually check and question their medical and dental bills? (Watch VERY important videos below).

My nurse gave me an article that was written in the Washington Post about healthcare markups for the uninsured. Some interesting points includes:

negotiating-hospital-bills “Fifty (50) hospitals in the United States are charging uninsured consumers more than 10 times the actual cost of patient care, according a research published [recently]. All but one of the facilities are owned by for-profit entities and the largest number – 20 – are in Florida.”  Gerard Anderson, professor at the John Bloomberg School of Public Health noted,  “This means, when it cost the hospital $100, they are charging patients on average $1000. It would appear that these facilities are price gouging, simply because they can.”

Of note, other consumers who would be charged this ridiculously high rates are patients whose hospital are not in their insurance company preferred network of providers, patients using workers compensation and those covered by automobile insurance policy. Most patients covered by private, government and programs such as Medicare do not pay full price, because these entities negotiate lower rates. Location in big cities does not account for these high prices either, as hospital in the suburbs/rural area can be quite expensive.

See the Hospital list HERE

Only 2 states, Maryland and West Virginia, set hospital rate charges for procedures. Federal government does not regulate prices that healthcare providers can charge. Of course, these sky rocketing medical bills can lead to damaged credit scores, bankruptcy, or worse yet, avoidance of needed medical care.

Do consumers now have to shop around for best health care cost for a procedure? As the commercial noted, shopping around for other things, not just your car, especially if uninsured or in one of the above categories, may be to your benefit.

Watch VERY important videos below.

Unfair Hospital Charges

Negotiating Hospital Bills 

Read Rose’s story HERE



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Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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FEBRUARY is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

TeensI must apologetically admit, teen dating violence was not on my radar. Teen Violence … Yes. Teen DATING Violence … No. I really never gave it much thought being inundated with my career of caring for those affected by Cancer … but this too is a real problem for our youths. I encourage others to step out of their career scope or area of interest and become more involved with the things that affect our children…our future!

One in 10 teens reported being physically abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend in the last year. That number can be safely doubled for the “unreported” cases, and quadrupled for the other types of abuse – emotional, verbal, mental, etc., This generation is neck deep in Violence. Watched the news lately?   I truly believe that the foundational problem is a generational lack for the value of life…the respect of life.

teen parenttalkIf you have a teen in your life – child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend – Ask about his/her dating relationships (remember, males are not always the “abuser” … teen boys are abused too!).  If it is a difficult discussion for you, then share this link ( http://healthfinder.gov/nho/FebruaryToolkit2.aspx ). Our future is at risk on so many fronts and from so many angle. Pray for our children constantly…they are our future.

Click below to watch NBC video on Teen Dating Violence

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The Hills are capturing photographs of the wild life, while I learn a few tips from our Tracker, Scotch, in South Africa

This is the story of a young ambitious doctor, who after many years of isolation in the Academic trenches, decided to play “catch up” on her favorite hobby of Globe Trotting. Getting away from the hectic scene of the Washington DC Metro area was a welcomed and overdue break! She sought Adventure in South Africa and it was during the Safari (Tanda Tula, Kruger Park) that she kindled a new friendship.

No idea what I was thinking! Yes, I still have my hand:-)

The “Happy Hills” a dynamic couple, was on this very Safari in South Africa…just in time for a chance encounter. A conversation between the Globe Trotting Doc and the Happy Hills was inevitable and pleasant indeed – Mr. Hill is quite the comic! It was discovered, that they had traveled 8000 miles to meet ,when they live only 12miles apart – YUP, they are only 12 miles apart …Practically neighbors…Imagine that!


My Angel Next Door…8000 miles back in the USA!

You guessed it! Since then, we have met on several occasions to discuss life, family, business, and the Greatness of God on such divine encounter – we are still amazed!

No matter where you are – share a smile, be kind and engaging – for in doing so you never know when you may be entertaining ANGELS! I did … and I am so grateful, as I am the better for it having met the Hills!

This Thanksgiving, be specific and let someone know “personally” that you are GRATEFUL s/he is in your life! Mr & Mrs Hill, I am grateful you are a part of my life! Hugs…

Peace & Blessings!


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