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At the end of this blog today, you will now know how to respond to 3 very common emergencies:

  1. Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction – MI) – [http://www.legacyeducators.org/2012-11-23-23-49-54.html ]
  2. Stroke [http://www.legacyeducators.org/2012-11-23-23-49-54.html ]
  3. Choking (read below…)

Knowing how to respond to these emergencies BEFORE an incident occurs is BEST! In the moment, you will NOT have time to look it up on the internet. Take a few minutes to review all 3 emergencies! (at least watch the videos ;))

  • choking-first-aidDuring the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year season, most folks new hobby becomes eating! Good home cooked meals, prepared with love…cannot be beat! Well, until the New Year’s resolution kicks in, eating is a favorite past time!
  • Since eating occurs in social gathering, the “manners” of not eating while your mouth is full, tend to be disregarded. Choking can occur at anytime to anyone. Be on the lookout and be ready to help someone…or yourself!

Do you know the recommendation on how many time to chew before swallowing?

Though the number is often stated to be 32 times – only swallow food you have chewed enough so it becomes a paste. If you can still feel pieces of food, chew it a little more!

How to save yourself if you are choking


How to save others who are choking


Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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