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Mr. Ramsey engaging students with HUGE centipedes!

On 19 APR 2014, I had the distinct pleasure of launching Our Kidz First Annual Career Fair for Middle School age-children (11-14yo) on the campus of Marymount University in Arlington, VA. We had over 100 children in attendance who were exposed to 21 career fields including Entomology & Pest Management led by Mr. Cleveland Dixon (Holiday Termite & Pest Control) and Mr. Samuel Ramsey (Univ of Maryland Entomology PhD Candidate).

Now, truth be told, at the sight of just about any insect – be it a 1 inch earthworm after a rainy day, a minute caterpillar dangling from a tree in my path during my walk, or a huge centipede as pictured here – I have been known to shriek and bolt for cover! An earthworm or a caterpillar or a centipede may not be dangerous, but a Deer tick sure is!

A Deer Tick

A Deer Tick

I was speaking with a friend, Kelly, in Maryland and we noted the on-going construction and loss of green land and foliage for deers in the area. She told me the deers were eating up all her flowers and wondered if she should try planting again for spring. She then shared with me that her 11yo nephew, Trent, was taken to the Emergency Room for a persistent swollen knee, fevers, rash, fatigue…he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (our prayers are with Trent for a speedy recovery).

By exposing our Middle-School age children to different career paths and by encouraging interaction with professionals in the field, they will learn the “ins and out ” of different careers, such as Entomology & Pest Management (www.OurKidzFirst.org). Along the way, they may even learn the signs and symptoms relating to various insect transmitted diseases, such as Lyme Disease, and could possibly recognize these signs and symptoms even before their parents. At the fair, the kids were fascinated that Medicine overlap with Pest Management too!

Make sure your home and surroundings are safe for you and your family this year…

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