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We have become a very busy society.  Everything moves fast and the demand for “faster” is on the rise. Attention spans are limited to a few minutes and “waiting” and “patience” will soon be removed from our vocabulary, garnering looks of disbelief, and ultimately tagged as “bad” words.

While I am in great favor of advancement, prompt customer service, and completing the task at hand quickly, there is something to be said for a doctor’s visit that is slower and specific to one’s needs or ailments. Physicians have great demands on their time as well, and their services are in danger of becoming similar to assembly lines: patients must be seen quickly and passed along to the next section to meet Relative Value Units (RVU’s) for reimbursement.


touch1Things must be slow enough in a clinic, such that a patient is touched – a Physical Exam (PE) focused or otherwise should be performed. I am bewildered by reports of folks being seen by healthcare providers and not even being touched/examined. Gathering vital signs (blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, etc.,) and the history are only portion of a doctor’s visit.

Digital health is the new wave, as patient call in with their questions and symptoms and a likely diagnosis is given over different media platform. However, take note of the disclaimers…

So, what type of physical exam should be expected at a Physician’s office? Well, it truly depends on the complaint or reason why you visited in the first place. Some are more direct than others.

Complaints of:

  • touch2Abdominal pain or discomfort – look, palpate, press the abdominal region
  • Cough – listen to lungs, heart, look in the mouth, feel neck nodes, etc.,
  • Back pain – look at skin, palpate area (bone, muscles, etc.,)
  • Earache – look in the ear, look in the mouth, palpate the neck nodes, etc.,
  • Breast pain – breast exam including visual, palpating, eval under arms, above clavicle and neck nodes…

The bottom line is: When someone sees their healthcare provider any reason, at the very least, a focused physical examination should be performed. No excuses. AND, if they do not, speak up and ask why!

Annual Physical Examination

Focused History & Exam for Headache

Complete Physical Exam


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