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While there are many types of cancers, Prostate Cancer, is one of the few that has a somewhat “predictable” blood indicator: the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Please Note: only men have PROSTATE  – women do not have a prostate gland!

prostate normalSo what’s the fuss? Men – your brother, husband, uncle, boyfriend, grandpa, cousins, friends – are dying needlessly from this disease. Prostate cancer is the second leading of cause of death in men in the United States.

There are debates among medical professionals that we may be “over-treating” prostate cancer, leading to some clinics no longer testing for PSA.  However, that concern may be a bit premature, as over 27,000 men die annually from prostate cancer…still. African Americans/Black male are at greater risk and many are not being tested and many others do not know their number, or what it (PSA) means.




If you are an African American/Black male over 40 or other race over 50, someone in your family had prostate cancer, etc., you should know your number. Ask your doctor about it!

The prostate gland gets larger with age…so the PSA will increase. However, you should be referred to Urology if:

  • prostate abnormal1The PSA number is above age range specified above
  • The Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) is abnormal (lump felt, see pic above) – this occurs in ~20% of cases
  • The PSA number doubles or increase drastically from base line (therefore MUST know baseline)
  • Incidental abnormality on scan taken for other reasons

Now that you know more, speak with your physician to know what’s best for you. Tell your family and friends to do the sam – spread the word!)

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