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The U.S. population is always on the go! Things to do, people to see, meeting to attend, business to conduct,  kids recital to attend, kids sporting events, church events….sitting in traffic…falling asleep behind the wheel. Siesta anyone? Fatigue is simply a chronic state of tiredness…being tired…all the TIME!

tired_eyes_800pxAmericans are tired.  It seems to be an “expected” badge of honor  in the National Capital Region (DC, MD, VA). If you are not multi-tasking and dashing to and-fro, complaining about traffic, the weather, politics, or a myriad of other things – something must be wrong with you! OR maybe you are just normal?

Fatigue literally came over me as I wrote the above – because I too, have been caught up in the world wind. I handle stress well and do take at home vacations (stay-cation) and vacations to recuperate, but is that enough? What if we just do not allow ourselves to get so TIRED in the first place? Is that possible? YES!

Fatigue/Tiredness can be manifested as:

  • Difficulty or inability initiating activity (generalized weakness)
  • Reduced capacity maintaining activity (easy fatiguability)
  • Difficulty with concentration, memory, and emotional stability (mental fatigue)

tiredA cross-sectional survey of US workers found that the 2 week period of prevalence of fatigue to be 38%! Additionally, 21-33% of patients seeking attention in the primary care settings report significant fatigue. The statistics for work place injury and motor-vehicle accidents due to fatigue is devastating!

HOW TIRED ARE YOU?? Some disease processes cause/or lead to chronic fatigue. Duration of fatigue can be recent (less than one month), prolonged (more than one month), or chronic (over six months) – talk to your doctor about your state of fatigue.

Fatigue should be distinguished from somnolence, dyspnea, and muscle weakness, although these symptoms may also be associated with fatigue. Patients may use the terms fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy, and excessive sleepiness interchangeably.


PLEASE, GET SOME REST – it is good for YOUR health (and sometimes others too)! See videos below.


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