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It is almost summer time! Many are exercising excessively – running, cycling, cross-fit, etc., –  to attain that glistening, fit body with chiseled arms, legs and, dare I say firm abdomen (the ever elusive 6-pack for most)!

Urinary systemSo, what if after a hard work out, you notice your urine is “red”… on more than one occasion?  [This is more easily noted by males. Females may note a “bloody”  tissue paper while not on your menstrual cycle].  This, dear friends, is a cause for concern.  Make an appointment with your Primary Care Physician soonest!

Visible bloody urine is called “Gross Hematuria” as opposed to “Microscopic Hematuria” which is not visible to the naked eye and only seen on laboratory microscopic evaluation of a urine sample. Both gross and microscopic hematuria may represent serious underlying disease.

Gross Hematuria can be caused by trauma, menstruation, vigorous exercise, sexual activity/STD’s, kidney stones, kidney disease, cancer of kidney/ureter/bladder, prostate cancer, viral illness or infection, such as urinary tract infection (UTI), to name a few. A urine analysis should be done and can easily diagnose if an infection is present. However,  consultation with a specialist (Urologist) is recommended for further evaluation if not a simple UTI.

The extent of evaluation will also depend on if you are considered a “Low-risk” patient.  Low-risk patients are:

  • Age less than 40years
  • No smoking history
  • No history of chemical exposure
  • No irritative voiding symptoms
  • No history of gross hematuria
  • No previous Urologic history (urinary problems)

Needless to say, if Gross Hematuria is noted, make sure you have documentation of a diagnosis AND regular follow-up until and even after resolution. There is only one you … take care of your temple!



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