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From your Physicians Desk …. on location, simply on vacation!

There are some things taught in text books, there are some things you will learn by simply living, and then there are some things you learn from the Wisdom and Good Advice given by others. Of the latter, is “take vacation at least once per year!”

I have had a few patients who encouraged me to enjoy life. I was told, “It is a journey to be experienced. There is a world filled with awe and wonderment waiting to be discovered … by you!” You see, many waited, or planned on waiting until retirement, or until the children are all grown and off to college, or until they have enough money, or until…until. Those all seem like reasonable plans…but sometimes “Life Happens” … the truth is “Life is always happening” … Yes?

I obliged to a group photo. Nice kids. Ephesus, Turkey.

I obliged to a group photo. Nice kids. Ephesus, Turkey.

A vacation does not have to be extravagant. A bed and breakfast weekend away, a quick getaway trip to nearby state or province, a picnic or dinner alone and away from the children … creating your own memories! For some, its visiting countries, you have only read about. I did so a few years ago…and took the picture above while on safari in Africa. It was quite an experience being in an open Jeep and seeing the Big 5 of Africa! (In retrospect, I may have been too close to that Leopard above … too brave maybe?)

VACATION – Rest, Relaxation, Respite, and Retreat! Consider adding a bit of this into your life over the next year. You are never too young or too old. My seat partner on a 9hour flight was an 86yo lady…she was quite pleasant too. She had VODKA in her water bottle … **Giggles** Take a break…Doctors order! Besides, it is good for your soul and well being! Try to unplug and unwind this summer!

Until next week…enjoy your life … it is BEAUTIFUL!

Your Family, Friendly, Doc…Dr. McGann … on Location – Vacation!

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From the Physician’s Heartwww.LegacyEducators.com

The Hills are capturing photographs of the wild life, while I learn a few tips from our Tracker, Scotch, in South Africa

This is the story of a young ambitious doctor, who after many years of isolation in the Academic trenches, decided to play “catch up” on her favorite hobby of Globe Trotting. Getting away from the hectic scene of the Washington DC Metro area was a welcomed and overdue break! She sought Adventure in South Africa and it was during the Safari (Tanda Tula, Kruger Park) that she kindled a new friendship.

No idea what I was thinking! Yes, I still have my hand:-)

The “Happy Hills” a dynamic couple, was on this very Safari in South Africa…just in time for a chance encounter. A conversation between the Globe Trotting Doc and the Happy Hills was inevitable and pleasant indeed – Mr. Hill is quite the comic! It was discovered, that they had traveled 8000 miles to meet ,when they live only 12miles apart – YUP, they are only 12 miles apart …Practically neighbors…Imagine that!


My Angel Next Door…8000 miles back in the USA!

You guessed it! Since then, we have met on several occasions to discuss life, family, business, and the Greatness of God on such divine encounter – we are still amazed!

No matter where you are – share a smile, be kind and engaging – for in doing so you never know when you may be entertaining ANGELS! I did … and I am so grateful, as I am the better for it having met the Hills!

This Thanksgiving, be specific and let someone know “personally” that you are GRATEFUL s/he is in your life! Mr & Mrs Hill, I am grateful you are a part of my life! Hugs…

Peace & Blessings!


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