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OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The More You Know…

Screening beginning at the age of 40 reduces breast cancer deaths by 18%.

Despite the above known fact, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations prioritize sparing women the potential negative aspects of having a mammogram, and in their opinion, their task is to try and maximize the number of lives saved, per mammogram. Shouldn’t they be more interested in how many lives are saved…period? Many advocacy groups are against the USPSTF recommendation draft listed below and I’m joining their ranks.

Hypothetically, if we are able to save one life, but it would take 500 mammograms, but that one life saved is yours at age 45, surviving to age 50 to start screening would likely not be an option for you. Would you be for, or against the starting age of 50 for screening? That is the issue with population based decision making processes – it takes the “person” out of it and aim for the greater good (but the greater good for who?)

 The other issue? If the information to NOT screen women until age 50 becomes widely accepted, then many women between the ages of 40-49 would honestly not even be aware of the USPSTF fine print recommendation to “individualize” screening. They just would not receive a mammogram. So what does that mean? Per the statistics above, 18% of women between the ages of 40-49 who missed the early opportunity of mammography diagnosis, would die from breast cancer. That is unacceptable…yes?

A similar decision is being made for age 75 and older – insufficient evidence to recommend screening. Majority of our “Baby-Boomers” are actually quite active and doing well…so more to follow on that topic.

However, despite my bias FOR screening mammogram to begin at age 40, it is always good practice to hear the other side of the story. Please see USPSTF explanation video below and link to USPSTF is HERE

What are your thoughts?

USPSTF Breast Ca Draft


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